Uli's Friends:

Uli's is a meeting place for extraordinary customers who form a community. We use real customers as our models. Let us introduce you to our customers and models:
Alexander Boggs is the owner of "A Perfect Interval" and "88 Keys Piano Warehouse" in Albuquerque, NM. Alex is not only a gifted piano player but he is the area's number one stop for piano sales, cartage & storage, service, restorations, and tuning. You can find all of your piano needs here:
Danielle is a member of Theater Grottesco and is also a talented puppeteer. She is an extraordinary actress and she has performed throughout the country and is constantly reinventing herself.
Myra is the owner and driving force of Pomegrante Studios, a Mosaic Dance Co and SEEDs youth program. She performs internationally as well as offering SEEDs Teacher training around the world.  Myra is a most dynamic and talented woman and she is also the designer of our Persephone line.
Jane Hruska was a New York City based jewelry and fingerless gloves designer before moving to Santa Fe, NM. Fashion designer Cesar Salindo showed her jewelry and gloves as the accessories for his runway shows at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, spring and fall, from 2011-2015. Hruska was also featured as the jewelry and fingerless gloves designer on Joe Zee's "All On the Line" television show that centered around Cesar Galindo's fashions. Many celebrities own Jane Hruska jewelry and gloves, including Angelica Houston, Heidi Klum, Beyoncé, and Joan Jett. 
Nadine Desormeau, also known as Nahdziin, has a passion for women's health and finding alternative treatments for pain. Her toolbox is composed of her healing lineage plus a host of degrees, certificates and licenses in acupuncture, clinical herbalism, Yoga therapy, and Bodywork. She has many years of clinical experience in addition to her own body awareness as a dancer. For more information on Nadine and her new line of adaptogenic herbal blends follow her on Instagram @Nahdziin and @NouriWild.
Emma Lacy is a New Mexico transplant from Oregon and manager at the Noisy Water Winery in Santa Fe, NM. This was her first time modeling and she did a great job and had a fabulous time! Happily seduced by the desert, she has loved living here for the past four years and she has loved working at a New Mexico winery. "Who knew grapes grow in the desert," she says. If you're curious about New Mexico wines, you can get a taste of the desert at 219 W. San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM, right off of the plaza. Or, you can check out their website at: